CT-12000T Tools Measuring System






The model CT-12000-T for the measurement of taps is based on the basic construction of the CT-12000-D. Unlike the Model D, the Model T features telecentric zoom optics, an encoder for precise adjustment of the optics in relation to the thread lead angle and telecentric illumination.

The v block is supplemented with a special tap holder, so that they are inserted between points and thus precise rotational movement during the measurement is possible.

In order to use the model CT-12000-T for drills, an incident light illumination consisting of an LED cold light source, split ring light and diffuser is optionally available (see CT-12000-D).

Another special model is the CT-12000-TM for micro-thread cutters This device uses a high-magnification optics with up to 1,100x magnification and a parallel backlight. Both models can be supplied with a motorized zoom on request. Price on request.